Unwritten Chapter

by Memoirs

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This is a preview version of our debut mini-album, consisting of seven tracks in total. The final track is a cover version of "Flood of Tears", originally by Diary of Dreams, which won't be published here for copyright reasons.

The album should get a proper artwork and mastering at some point, and ideally be pressed on CD. You can download it for free, but if you enjoy our music, please consider donating a small sum for the download - this way, you can contribute to the funds we need to make a proper CD release.


released June 27, 2015

All songs arranged by Memoirs.
Recorded at Marcel’s place, April 13–17 and 25–26, 2015.
Mixed by Marcel Gülzow.



all rights reserved


Memoirs Kiel, Germany

Atmospheric Chamber Pop from Northern Germany

With our calm and intricate music, we aim for emotional catharsis by way of uncompromising authen​ticity. We explore dark corners of the soul to discover horizons of hope.

You may enjoy our music if you like artists such as Midnight Choir, Red House Painters, Ólafur Arnalds, Beth Gibbons, Sóley, Antimatter, Piano Magic or Nick Cave.
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Track Name: Unwritten Chapter
unwritten chapter

I’ve been chasing this ghost for so long
I’ve been haunting the night
I’ve been holding on way too tight
I’ve been fighting this fight
it’s been such a long time
since the feeling was right in my reach
and I stumbled away from it
blindly groping for threads of light

now that the wounded are healed
and the treaty is signed (or so they say)
and the vets are returning from the front line,
am I still blind?

when the darkness falls
will you hold me tight
when the silence comes
will you stay by my side
when the countdown ends
will your loyalty abide
when our worlds collide

I was frozen in time just like you
now you’ve melted away
in this liquid and formless state
all identity’s open for debate
it’s been thousands of days
since I last saw things fall into place
a place from where the river springs
where the sun gives shape to your face

now that the bridges are rebuilt
and the fires have died
what about those who fell,
will their final wish be denied?

when these walls collapse
and all the pain is laid bare
when my cover’s blown
will you still be there
when the darkness falls
will your candle still shine
when the silence comes
will your hand be in mine
will you sing for me
will you tell me your story
will you help me believe
it’s alright

you’ve got other seas to flow to
and other cups to pour yourself into
there are harbours waiting for you
my darkness and my silence
may evermore elude you

my unwritten chapter
reeks of mortal danger
looming in the corner
waiting for a stranger
to come to the rescue
but there’s other seas to flow to
when the darkness and the silence overwhelm you
not to worry:
it’s not your fight
not your burden to carry

when the darkness falls
will you hold me tight
when the silence comes
will you stay by my side
when the darkness falls
will your candle still shine
when the silence renders me defenceless

will you be mine?
Track Name: As If
As If

The wind touches my shoulder
as if it was your lips.
The wind touches my face
as if it was your fingertips.

Why did you leave me?
What did I do wrong?
Why was I unable to help you?
I don’t know how to get along…
…without you.

The lawn touches my toes
as if it was your whisper.

The crows on your grave
are talking.

Why did you leave me?
You did accept your death
in the cold raging water.
I don’t know how to get along…
…without you.
Track Name: Ask Me Again
Ask Me Again

I’m trying to erase the wasteland
between you and me from the map
I’m scanning for the proper channels
for a signal that bridges the gap

if you ask me again
and lend me your hand
I’ll tell you the truth in a song
please be patient, my friend
hear me out till the end
so the signal I send can grow strong
and we can go on

Ich fürchte mich, wenn ich mit dir spreche.
Ich hab Angst, dass du mich nicht verstehst.
Ich sing dir was: dein Name – ein Klang,
ein Konzert, wenn du neben mir gehst.

Unsere deutliche Spur –
ein Sorgenkind nur –
verliert sich im endlosen Sand.
Wenn uns die Hoffnung verlässt,
dann halt ich dich fest –
ein Rückhalt mit sicherer Hand.

I’m caught between
the lines of the song
that reaches out beyond this cage
I hold my breath
the strings fall silent
as ghost notes are haunting the stage

when the chords have died out
and I’m left with no crowd
the curtains close on my last show
will my voice still live on
echoing from this song
as a memory of all the hope
I had to let go

if you sing me your name
I will share in your pain
and be there when you stumble and fall
if you tune in to me
if you turn round to see
you will find I’m no stranger at all
Track Name: Call to Arms
call to arms

watching films and
spinning records
may be distracting
and a source
of hope and pleasure
but can they replace
a hand that cares to
touch your numb face?

there is still time

there’s this one world
and we’re in it
we’re no different
no less alone
so let us be one
when we wake up
from these nightmares
we’ve outgrown

there is still time
there is still life
stop running
it’s running

I’m only human
I’m only dreaming
and all that escapes me
inspires me to sing
so when death is calling
from the dark beyond
let’s turn his voice
into the brightest song

there is still time
there is still life
stop running
it’s running